Thank You 

​to everyone that has made this scholarship such a great success!

We are also key partners on a new project that features 

stories of injured workers and people living at or below poverty line. 


With the recent cuts introduced by the Ford government, some of our residents have lost the Basic Income Project, combined with the employer's reduction of 30% to their WSIB premiums, that will undoubtedly affect the benefits and entitlement for injured workers. 

You can see the new website at 


It is not certain at this time if the questions that will be generated will only be for the MSSA site or it may include the, site. 

Robert Larocque 





​​​Moses Sheppard Scholarship Award


Moses C. Sheppard

Our sincere apologies to the students of  St. Pats

due to some technical errors, our name was omitted from the awards booklet 

and subsequently no recipients were called upon to come and accept your 

award on stage during your convocation ceremony. 

Again we apologize but it was beyond our control and we had someone present at the TBCA 

the night of your ceremony, but we were unable to present the awards in person. 

By now, you should have received your package via Canada Post.  If you see your name in the recipients page, and have not received any documentation, please let us know as soon as possible using our contact us form. 

Over the years, we have come to count on financial help from friends and supporters.

Here is a short list of some involved in this process.

For more information please see the Financial Tab under the BOD and Financial help