​​​Moses Sheppard Scholarship Award




Moses C. Sheppard

Robert Larocque 

​​Please be advised

Although our ending target

date is early

May 2020 

this application can

be cancelled at 

any time without 

any prior notice.

To Be Announced 

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Trick Questions or Common Sense?

Comparing the past decade of awarding scholarships, there was one question that most applicants submitted the wrong answer. 

The question was along the lines of who did Moses help win his very first provincial MPP race?  The answer was Howard Hampton.  However, there was a picture of Moses with John Rafferty hugging each other at our very first fund raising event. 

74% of the applicants simply looked at the picture and just "assumed" it was John.  That error would cost the graduates to lose money from their award. 

Now some may say this year was great because there were no trick questions.  Ah but there was!

Hint: when you are asked to give your home address including postal code, one might think that should include the following:

house number and street name 

city and province 

postal code

But unfortunately to some, that was the trick question since we've received incomplete answers. 

Congratulations if you answered it correctly.  You may just have a better chance at an award. 

And the WINNERS are:

Just a note to the applicants:

It seems there must have been some sort of misleading 

 information on the rules of awarding the MSSA for 2020.

You will have to revisit our site in the next 


to find out what this misleading information is

and how it may affect your award " if " you 

were the selected candidate. 

​​​Moses Sheppard Scholarship Award