Renée Larocque (left)  in a group photo with 

the recipients of the MSSA.

Picture courtesy of Lola Halstead.


Thank You for the great photo.  This was a special presentation for Renée as it marked her 

10th Anniversary of her graduating from St. Pats.

Nyah Flannery-Hill

Tonight, June 13th, 2019 some lucky students from St. Pat's will be receiving their MSSA award from Renée Larocque at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium.  Good luck to all graduates.

Making some room for the 

​2020 Recipients 

Congratulations to Bridget Steel, as she was the sole recipient of the MSSA from Superior.

Again, we would like to apologize to these four recipients of the MSSA.  

Due to a technical error we were unable to present this award to you at your convocation ceremony. 

You should have received it in the mail by now. 

Jordan Kutok

Westgate recipients were presented their award by Ms. Renée Larocque.  Congratulations to all four.

Bridget Steel not only sent her picture in to us for this website.  I received a thank you call from her as well.  

Interestingly, I also received a follow up call from her parents thanking us for the award given to Bridget.  This call not only took me by surprise, but it also warmed my heart, that a father would take time to call and say thank you.  

Mr. Steel also mentioned that he had heard the name of Moses Sheppard, but now by reading his biography, he had a better understanding of who Moses is and what he stands for. 

Thank You for the call. 

​​​Moses Sheppard Scholarship Award

Emma Hay

Below you will find the recipients of the 2019 Moses Sheppard Scholarship Award. 

Those pictures will soon be replace with the 2020 recipients. 

You will also notice that when the recipients name is changed from black to blue and it becomes a link to see the thank you cards, notes, and emails that the students send us.

It is a great pleasure and certainly an honour to represent Moses Sheppard and 

award these up and coming future leaders as 

recipients of the 

Moses Sheppard Scholarship Award 


Please forward your pictures to us at: 


The MSSA 2020 application is now live.  Click the logo to be redirected. 

Bruce Curtola presented two Hammarskjold students with the Moses Sheppard Scholarship Award on June 11th, 2019.  Congratulations to:

  • 4:21

It was once again a pleasure for Bruce to present the selected winners from St. Ignatius with the MSSA on June 12th, 2019 to:

Will one of these certificates have your name on it?

Alyson Chasse

​​​Moses Sheppard Scholarship Award

Part of the application process for the MSSA, is an agreement from the recipients to send their picture to us and also give us authority to use those pictures on the website and for the purpose of promoting the MSSA.  We ask that you send your picture to

We thank each and every student for their hard work, and wish you great success in their future.