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Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application

We will publish the link to our application starting in early January of 2018.  Graduates  will be able to access the application to the end of April and then for the month of May it will be live on a day to day basis and will be removed without any advance notification.

Application link will redirect you to a Google form, where all answers will be gathered on an Excel format, giving every applicant the same basic rating. 

The basic rating is a format which was developed by Robert Larocque, and it awards the base amount of the award.  Then, with every question there is also a monetary award.  Those answering the questions correctly will receive a higher amount than those missing the question.  By doing it this way, everyone one is rated under the same criteria. 

Tips and Advice on how to score higher:

When you refer to Moses, do not just call him "Sheppard" and spell his name correctly not shepherd.

When asked for your mailing address, this does not mean your "email" address.  There is also a hint on the application that says "this is where the cheque will be mailed".  If the full address is not there, then the applicant will be disqualified. 

Where an opinion is asked for, look at the criteria of the answer where it will detail in how many words your answer should be.  If the question is (ie) should Thunder Bay have a subway system, and it indicates 100-250 words, don't just write (ie) yes I think its a good idea because I like to ride on trains. 

You are applying for a scholarship to attend post-secondary, perhaps using the proper words would be better for your (not you're) score, because you won't have too (not to) many points for grammar. 

This is how we come up with the final total of the award: 

Please note that these are only examples and may not reflect the actual amount allocated per section or question. 

a)     Base amount for all applicants 

b)     Every answer given has a dollar value attached to it.  ie: attending "college" vs "university"?  Then the formula might allocate $5.00 for college and $10.00 for university. 

c)     Questions that require your thoughts or ideas as per the subway example above, those questions are rated by a panel of 3 of our Directors, and then I take the three scores get an average and that average then turns into a dollar figure. 

d)     What we look for in a question as in (c) is, did you stay within the guidelines in words, was your idea portrayed clearly, was the grammar correct, and then they use a rating of 1-10 on the Director's opinion of your answer. 

e)     Then there is the questions about Moses.  We believe that if you are going to be seeking a financial award under this person's name, then you should know a bit about him.  The questions are not very difficult and all answers are found on this website.  If you think the answer is not there, then you can use the "website did not mention this" option. Again, each question right returns a dollar amount in an Excel formula. 

f)     The totals of all questions are then tabulated, and I as the Founder/Director will review the total  and award what I call a bonus.  This is simply to round off the dollar amount. 

g)     Where I have to disqualify an applicant is hard for me to do.  I know that everyone would love to get some extra money to pay for books and supplies, but we cannot bend the rules for one and not the other. So what constitute a disqualification:

          1) Where the applicant does not agree to all terms and conditions

          2) Where an applicant's mailing address is not complete 

          3) Where an applicant gets over 40% of the questions wrong pertaining to Moses

          4) Where a recipient does not submit their photo to us within 14 days of the convocation date

If you have any questions or comments about these points, please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be pleased to review your comments.