Since this is not a regular core funding program, we have (usually) one fundraising event per year.  This is usually during the month of November, and a Christmas Dinner Fundraiser is held at the Slovak Legion.

We have a great meal, and charge a nominal fee of only $30.00 per person and that includes your meal, the entertainment with (Bob) as Emcee, and a chance to participate in some fun games and perhaps even with a Penny Auction or two. 

The items used for the penny auction are gathered throughout the year, mostly by my wife Teri, daughter RenĂ©e, and myself.  We follow the yard sales, the auctions, and special sales and closeouts or clearances to purchase our prizes. 

It is not uncommon however to get donations from individuals who know Moses personally, or through the injured workers, and want to donate a prize to the scholarship.  The Steelworkers Union have been a very big help in that department, as well as the TBDIWSG.  Any help as such is greatly appreciated.  

One very important thing for everyone to remember is, awards are not given out on the basis of academic achievements.  To our view, a struggling student is just as deserving as the one who never has to crack a book open.  I'm sure you understand what I mean. 

If you should have any questions on this section of Scholarship Information and Funding please do not hesitate to Contact Us

At the fundraiser, we sell Penny Auction tickets and that is where we make our money from.  As a rule, we will give the amount of fundraising we did in the previous year to the next year's graduates, in order to keep our base investment growing. 

The MSSA is registered with the Lakehead Public School Board.  All money raised for the scholarship is forwarded to the school board and invested for us as part of the Board's portfolio. 

Being registered with the Board means that donations over $25.00 are eligible to receive a tax receipt for your donation.  However, gifts in kind, unfortunately are not eligible for this receipt as the money is not invested for the scholarship as a whole.  Items can be auctioned off, or sold via tickets where we can arrange for a partial receipt.  For more information on this latter part, please use the Contact Us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Our goal with the first fundraiser was to have the scholarship going for 1-2 years, but with the loyalty of our friends and sponsors, we have continued giving back to students since 2010.  A list of current and pass recipients can be found here.

Scholarship Information and Funding

One repeated question that we get is, who gets and how much do they get.  Well in some very technical terminology, "it all depends".

Each student is firstly awarded a base amount.  That could be from $25.00 to $100.00 again depending on the fundraiser we had the previous year.  Then there is the biography of Moses Sheppard and this website to look at.  We draft questions where all the answers are on the website and mostly in the biography section.  Each question is assessed an amount for the correct answer. If one student gets it right and the next does not, the first student will obviously get more than the second student. 

There are some questions where it said "the website does not mention this".  If you look at the underline section just above, you will see that all answers are on the website. 

Therefore, depending on if the student has answered all questions, and has properly filled out the recipients "complete" home address (not the email address) the awards will be different in values.  As part of the Terms and Conditions, amounts of the award cannot be discussed with other students or they risk having their award nullified. 

In addition, students are asked their opinions on certain topics from within a wide variety of topics.  This past year, was your opinion on the bike/walking trails.  They are given a specific amount of words to be within, and those answers are graded by 3 members of our committee to get an average rating.  That rating represents a dollar value, and again making awards different in amounts. 

Once the recipients are chosen by the committee, and the amounts are tabulated, then a list of recipients is sent to the school board, and they will make the cheque payable to the student (even if in a different school board) and send it out. Cheques are usually received by end of July providing all terms and Conditions have been met. The most important one is to submit a photo to us within the time allowed after the convocation ceremony.

This scholarship is open to graduating student from Thunder Bay going onto post-secondary level at a "recognized" college or university.  That location does not need to be in this city, but the graduating student must have graduated from this city. 

The recipients of the award are selected by our committee from a pool of applications we receive each year.  Our scholarship is advertised in each school's student services office, and the application is typically opened from mid January to the Monday following Mother's Day since we understand that graduates would rather spend time with their mother and not have to worry about filling in applications on Mother's Day.