How could we accomplish what we have done so far?  Special Friends  who are either donating items, hand craft items, all to help out in either in the gift category of the penny auction category. 

Do they need to do this, absolutely not, but do we appreciate it, like a dear old friend (God rest his soul) would say "you better believe it".

We have also had generous contributors to the event by supplying entry tickets to some that without some financial help, could not have come and enjoyed the evening with us.  What a kind gesture and we thank you very much for your thoughtfulness. 

Although there are too many to mention and at the risk of missing someone, I would rather give a special thanks to everyone that donated items to the fundraiser, from yard sale items, to clothing, to sports equipment, and yes even brand new items in the box ready to be given away.  To everyone I say THANK YOU and may God bless you for your generosity. 

I would however, like to mention one particular donation which came from

Donny and Debbie McLeod via Denise Reese and family on behalf of 

The David Reese Memorial Fishing Derby

and the reason I must mention this is due to the fact that Denise and David were our best friends.  Unfortunately David lost his life at a very young age of only 43 due to cancer.  He was and is still in my thoughts on a regular basis and that will never change.  

His family along with his sisters Debbie and Elanor created the fishing derby in David's memory and the money raised goes towards helping a family in need at Christmas time.  All their donations are anonymous to us, but we do see the thank you cards received by the family with the recipients name crossed out.

Last year at our fundraiser, the D R M F D  donated the door prize and also donated a gift for the golf game. It is without a doubt, that if Dave would be here with us today, he would be involved in this scholarship with any kind of help we would need. 

Like the passing of Dave, things happen so prematurely, don't let time rob

you of precious moments, do what you need to do now.  

Get your education, do the right thing, and take care of each other.

Special Friends