If selected, you will accept the monetary award as given without any challenges whatsoever.

If you have a problem, or do you do not agree  with any of the itemized Terms and Conditions please contact us prior to sending in your application, and we will address any of your concerns to find a mutual solution. 

You consent to send via email, your picture to the Director within 14 days after convocation date. The picture does not need to be in your graduation gown but is preferred. 

Although every application is graded on the same merit or format, each answer may be different from one application to the next, and awards will also vary as we allocate funds to the answers provided by the applicants. Therefore, you agree to keep the amount of your award confidential and will not disclose it to any other selected recipients.


The Director may advise the school board to cancel your award if any Terms or Conditions are not adhered to, and no arbitration or appeal will be heard on reconsidering your award. 


To any student applying for the Moses Sheppard Scholarship Award, you will have to agree to our terms and conditions set out below.  Failure to agree to each one may result in your application being closed. 

Should you have any problems with the Terms and Conditions, we urge you to Contact Us first before proceeding with the application. We will do our utmost to come to a mutual agreement. 

You understand that failure to send your picture will result in your award being cancelled, and no arbitration or appeal will be heard on reconsidering your application. (The picture must be sent only after your application being accepted for the MSSA)


You consent that no Committee Member will be held liable for any reason resulting from your application to the scholarship. 

​You agree that the Director's decision is final and cannot be challenged for whatever reason.




You understand that this award is a one time award and not perpetual over the term of your post-secondary education.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR THE MSSA   (Please read carefully) 

You agree to have any thank you notes or letters published on the website and linked to your picture as a recipient of the MSSA. 



​Terms and Conditions

You are made aware that the MSSA decides on the winning applicants, the amount of the award, the promotion of the scholarship and its website, and that the Lakehead Public School Board and its members including but not limited to your graduating school have no authorization over the Committee Members and the Founder/Director of the Moses Sheppard Scholarship Award.